Top 3 Things To Look For In Sales Support For Your Trade Business

Interview: Top 3 Things To Look For In Sales Support For Your Trade Business (from Miami 2/17/17)

Ryan: Welcome, this is Ryan with FollowUp Power and I’m at the Wind the Storm Conference in Miami. I am here with Caitlin with Breakthrough Academy, some friends of mine from Vancouver. They help trade contractors across the country, just like we do. However, they have a great coaching program that creates order to the chaos in every area of their business. Caitlin, you are a big part of their team! So, this is for you if you are in a role where you are an owner, perhaps as a sales manager and you have a lot of moving parts going on and are wearing a ton of hats. So, if you are one of those I want you to pay attention to this.  So, Caitlin, Breakthrough Academy sales, coordinator assistant, office manager on steroids (whatever you want to call it!) What are the top three things trade owners need to look for in sales support?

Caitlin (Breakthrough Academy): (Most important!) The top thing I would say is a preference for building relationships with others. Example:  You’re going to want someone who wants to speak, engage and help others. Good support people have this natural drive to connect and help people.

Ryan: Okay very, good. Preference for people. What’s the second thing to look for in sales support?

Caitlin: The second one, I would say is a high preference for detail orientation. You need someone who organizes all of the details, keep your schedule and all of your appointments slotted in, follow up with your appointments, keeps track of all the leads that are falling through the cracks. Someone who is accountable and looking at all the details. So, you need someone with high detail orientation.

Ryan:  So, you want someone who is highly detail oriented, making sure things are followed up on, putting information into CRM, the whole deal when it comes to the detail. Critical, that’s the stuff sales people struggle with. As an owner, this is the last thing on your mind. You need a strong support system. So, what’s the third thing to look for in sales support?

Caitlin:  Create organization out of chaos. Imagine a ton of leads coming in you need someone to keep track of them in the CRM. Maybe you have one sales manager and maybe you are the sole entrepreneur. You need someone who is going to be able to create organization and create structure out of all of the chaos. When you are running a business, you know there’s a million different hats you’re wearing. You need someone who can: Back you up, keeps everything organized, and keeps you on track. It is imperative for them to have high goal orientation.

Ryan:  So you need somebody who knows the goals, brings order to the chaos and somebody who is patient (depending on the owner). I definitely think this is very valuable. Anyone who is a FollowUp Power user already or looking into a CRM or our CRM it’s really important when you’re building a great team, you should have a sales coordinator support. Someone who loves people, organized, detail oriented and brings order to the chaos. Thanks, Caitlin!

Caitlin: You’re welcome! Now go find that Rock Star!


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