The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Construction Sales Organization

Our team at FollowUp Power is excited to announce our Construction Sales Blog “FollowUp Power Tip of the Week”. Starting today you will be receiving industry-leading best practices to help you grow your company on a weekly basis. We believe that providing you with the best Construction CRM Software in the market to manage your business is only part of the equation when growing your Construction company. We also believe that improving your sales skills is crucial to every Construction company’s success. Our construction software will remind you to follow up with your customers so that leads stop falling through the cracks, but it is your sales process, organizational structure, and technique that will create a true sales engine that scales. Our goal is to be your ultimate guide as you take this journey in building your construction sales organization. The content that we will be producing will in the form of courses, blog posts, and interviews will give you a behind-the-scenes look providing you with what you need to know to grow. No matter if you are a company that brings in $250,000 or a 100 million dollars of revenue per year our “Tip of the Week” will provide you great insights to help along your journey to success.

What should you expect?

Master Classes: The Construction Sales Organization Master Classes that we will be releasing will cover a broad range of topics including, how to build the perfect construction sales compensation plan, how to build a world-class organization, and much more. We will release these courses week by week in our tip of the week email. Once every chapter of the course has been released you will be able to find a catalog of our free courses on or by clicking on training portal in the top bar.

Interviews with Industry Leaders: The interviews that we will be releasing will be conversations with CEOs, sales leaders, marketing leaders, and other roles within top construction companies top. We will be interviewing our customers across many different Industries and they will share the secret sauce on how they built their organizations.

Your Feedback: The blogs that we will be releasing will cover a broad range of topics. We will cover topics regarding our CRM software, talk about trade shows, and another best practices. We would love to hear your comments and let us know what kind of topics you would like us to discuss. We would like this to be an interactive conversation letting us know what areas you would like to learn about.


Next week we will begin by publishing our first week of our course “How to Build a Construction Sales Organization” which is an interview with the CEO of Best Roofing, a 50 million dollar commercial roofing company located in South Florida.


We are super excited about this and are looking forward to keeping this conversation going with you.

– The FollowUp Power Team

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