How To Avoid Mystification and Promote Performance When Hiring People

In this post, Gregg Wallick and I talk about how you can avoid mystification and promote performance when hiring people. “We believe that every company should have a written position description for every position in the company. When we put a position description together you need to have something in writing that says, this is what you do and this is who reports to you. We also make sure to write what the title is, who do you report to, who reports to you. What is the primary mission/objective? What is it that we want you to achieve?”

Gregg continues with the question, “What are the duties and responsibilities? We don’t want too many of those, we want to leave it generic enough where it captures certain things. The last thing is, what are the key results? I also like to have a section on compensation, what can a person expect from a compensation standpoint? A band, from the low to the high of where they can expect to earn. We like to add a definition of what kind of benefits come. Whether it’s a car, computer, 401K, insurance. “

“The reason why this is so important when hiring people is because what it does is remove any sort of mystification of what you expect from an employee. Nothing is worse than having a mystery with an employee when you get into work. When something deviates beyond that, it becomes a talking point and an opportunity to grow. If you’re having to do something else and you’re dropping the ball somewhere else, you’re affecting the performance of the organization.”

“Nothing is worse than having a mystery with an employee when you get into work.” Gregg Wallick

Gregg adds to the conversation. “Most companies do not have an organizational chart. An organizational chart includes a picture of each department, who heads up that department, who in that department reports to who, and the position descriptions is what makes up the org chart. It sounds so simple but it’s so complex. Following the chain of command is so important and creates so much more efficiency.

Regarding organization for Gregg’s company Best Roofing, he developed his organizational chart to specialize sales, estimating and project management. As you get bigger and as you can start departmentalizing is when you can divide up those roles and responsibilities, you don’t have to wear so many hats.

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