CRM Roofing: Deciding On the Platform to Use For Your Roofing

Roofing companies which have made it in business can confirm the contribution of a roofing CRM to their success. An effective customer relationship management (CRM) system is designed to make your work easier by creating a seamless sales process. This is achieved by being able to organize the various operations into a flowing single system. The system has unique features that make it possible to achieve its role.

  • A great roofing CRM system has inbuilt tools that bring about effective productivity. This is achieved through the organizational element that is created by the software. In addition, you can also create work calendars to guide you in the systematic processes to be followed within the set timelines.
  • With CRM roofing software, you are able to enhance great customer relation. This leads to built-up customer loyalty. The software can also capture the key information of your clients which could be useful in future contracts.
  • You can also pull reports from the software and analytics on how the workers are performing. This information can help you in making predictions and decisions that may affect your business growth.

There are several platforms for CRM roofing. It is hence important to figure out the one that best suits your company. Below are some of the platforms that you can consider especially for your roofing contract work.

Salesforce Platform

This is a common CRM roofing system that has combined tools such as sales & marketing and customer service, all on one platform. The Salesforce platform is also able to generate analytics which is very crucial to any operation in the evaluation of work done. With this platform, you can customize the tools to fit the specific needs of the roofing sales team. It is also very flexible since it can be accessed from any location, thanks to its cloud-based element.

AccuLynx Platform

This is a special platform that is solely designed to handle contract work. If in need of CRM roofing system for contractual work, then you can be assured of guaranteed results. This is because the software has the ability to plan and effect proper work schedules ensuring the project is completed within the stipulated time. In addition, it enables proper communication at the job site which makes work flow smoothly. It has a unique element whereby it can be assimilated with QuickBooks creating efficiency in order management.

Dataforma Platform

 This is a very special platform that is designed to purely handle roofing work. For this reason, it is a very popular CRM roofing software in the roofing industry. Apart from managing calendars, Dataforma can also manage various warrants, create proposals and even facilitate training for employees. It has been seen to be very flexible because it can be integrated with mobile apps. The integration feature is very appealing because it enables reporting from the field to the office instantly.


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