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Customer relationship management is a pretty new type of software product – but it’s quickly becoming popular across the board in all sorts of industries.

Here are some of the things that customer relationship management software to does for your business.

Put a Name with a Face

One of the most basic value propositions of customer relationship management early on was the potential to figure out more about who your customers are.

If you think about a traveling salesman trying to remember names and faces, you see that this type of software can greatly increase that salesman’s capability. A visual dossier in a CRM software system helps everyone to keep on top of customer identities, even if they only see these people or speak to them on the phone once in a while. That added personalization is great for adding a human touch to business!

Transparent Lead Generation

Lead generation is the holy grail for most businesses.

They simply want to increase interest and the number of leads that their sales people have in the field.

CRM is made with spcific tools to really enhance lead generation and show leaders at a glance where interest is coming from, and how it can be increased further.

Sophisticated lead generation tools do more than just show statistics. They pull out business insights to help decision-makers drive traffic to a website or a business call center. That adds a lot of value for business customers.

Product Development Goals

Most product and service companies put some effort into research and development in order to figure out what choices energize their base the most.

This is another way that CRM can be handy. When it includes past customer purchase histories, business leaders can use that to generate more insights and figure out which products and services are most popular. Building around that, they can create a roadmap for outreach including discounts, content marketing and much more.

Organizing the Deal-Making Funnel

Lots of marketers and others talk about the sales funnel as a key way to understand deal-making.

The idea is that there are many points of contact along the way, and the top of the funnel, indicating broad general interest, is different than the bottom of the funnel where you’re actually getting deals made with interested customers.

Organizing that funnel gives you a better vision of how the company is making deals. One aspect of this is that you can then focus on the most serious customers and supporting their needs, while ignoring some of that noise around the top of the funnel that may not ultimately be relevant for business.

FollowUp CRM offers all of this and more to business customers. We are proud to stand behind the value and functionality of our customer relationship management software – ask us about what we can do for your business!

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