[firm-name]’s system helps us stand out from the competition. Our revenues have gone up 40% within one year as we have become more structured and disciplined in our sales process with the help of this platform.
– Roofing Supplier, Craig Mitchell, Managing Partner, ABC Supply
I tried looking into other tools and there isn’t anything on the market for sales like this one.  [firm-name] is very robust in its reporting.  We like how you can track who’ve you’ve bid to on a project and manage those clients individually.  It’s been a great software tool for us.
– Jaramie Stumpf, VP Operations, Miller Glass and Glazing
Intuitive in that I am a construction professional using software that follows the same process I am used to in pursuing work. The support is tremendous, thorough and always easy to access.
– Electrical and Utility Contractor, Bernard Paul-Hus, President Hypower Electric
[firm-name] has enabled my Company to easily track the valuable leads that come in and the different ways in which we receive them. This program has helped make my Sales Team “ACCOUNTABLE” for their time and efforts in the lead process from the beginning to end. This [firm-name] Program also allows me to have a complete daily, weekly, monthly or yearly snapshot of Leads, Completed Sales and Lead Closure % which in turn helps me forecast Future Sales. This program is very simple to learn and use and the trainings are very thorough. I have no doubt that the [firm-name] Program has brought my Company to the “next level” in tracking and forecasting Completed Sales.
– Jim Maler, All Florida Pest Control
It’s changed the way I do business personally. From folders and file cabinets full of folders to everything just a click away.
– Jacob, Vintage Cellars
The software is easy to use, and the training is worthwhile. It’s a good tool for helping your salesforce keep track of their conversation content with clients (or potential clients), and their follow-up schedules. But the key is to USE it! Every time you have contact with the client, you need to go to their record and update it, then mark it for the appropriate follow-up. If used properly, your clients will not fall through the cracks and get forgotten.
– Betsy from Dream Maker Bath & Kitchen
Being somewhat new to the world of sales, follow up power has given me an invaluable tool for working with my client base. I can hardly imagine trying to manage a lead sheet any other way. The intuitive nature of the program as well as the way the sales training perfectly ties into the program is truly impressive. This system works! I love how it takes all the guess work out of the process! Great product!
– Residential Roofing Contractor, Charlie, Code Red Roofers

Our experience to date (we signed on in December 2014) has been positive. It gives us all the tools that we need to track each individual team member’s job quotes, award ratios, job types and overall company performance. The system is easy to use. Ryan Groth has been easy to access when we need his assistance and he has also been responsive to all requested changes that we have recommended. We use this system every day and we meet every Wednesday morning to review the current status of each team member and the company as a whole. We even brought our banker in one week and he reviewed this system step by step and was very impressed. We look forward to using this system and growing with new technology!

This is a great, easy-to-use product that anyone can pick up within a few hours. When purchasing the product, you’re not just given the keys and whisked out the door. The [firm-name] Account Rep for our company came on-site, (an option I highly recommend), helped setup the system, helped train every employee using the system, and didn’t leave until everyone could demonstrate that they could use the product. The training extends beyond the program itself, as our Account Rep evaluated our internal sales process, and offered advice as to how we could improve. Our Account Rep has always responded to e-mails, he’s always answered the phone, and he continues to follow up with us to make sure everything is going smoothly. This is a product, and service, that I would highly recommend.

– 1st choice glass, pre-construction manager, Ernesto.