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CRM for Construction Contractors

In an industry where months may pass before a bid is finally accepted, construction contractors need cloud-based CRM software that is capable of tracking and managing those bids until the contract is signed. Unlike other CRM software that is available, [firm-name] was created by contractors specifically for other contractors.

With the help of our industry-specific CRM software, [firm-name] can help you maintain an accurate understanding of where your business stands now and where your business will be in the future. We can help you simplify your workflow and improve the transparency of your sales processes so that you can capitalize on those projects that will be most profitable for your business.

Industry-Specific CRM for Construction Contractors

Our CRM software is specifically designed to help professional industrial, commercial, and residential construction contractors identify the most profitable opportunities as they bid for new construction, replacement, retrofit, and repair projects. The CRM software developed by [firm-name] is designed to handle the specific demands of the following industries:

Our analytics engine will connect the dots between customer insights and real-time reporting data in order to significantly shorten each of your sales cycles so that you can win those more competitive contracts.

Use a CRM Specifically Designed for Construction

If you would like to learn more about [firm-name], our team would be more than happy to talk to you about how our cloud-based CRM software for construction contractors and our sales coaching strategies can help you improve your business. To discuss the particulars of your business with a member of our team, please call our offices at [phone-number] today.

What Our Clients Say

Best Roofing

" I tried looking into other tools and there isn’t anything on the market for sales like this one. Followup CRM is very robust in its reporting. We like how you can track who’ve you’ve bid to on a project and manage those clients individually. It’s been a great software tool for us. "

What is My Investment?

How much is a undisciplined sales team costing you? How many potential clients are falling through the cracks because you are trying to manage your opportunities with a blindfold on? Are you compromising your margins because you are a "bid and beg" organization? Not having a Construction CRM and a proven methodology may already be costing you a great deal.

One Simple Price

*48 hours needed for database creation*

  • Cloud CRM
    $55 /user/month
    • CRM
    • No Setup fee
    • Virtual CRM Training
    • Service and Support
    • Sales Training add-on available $15- per user

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