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CRM for Restoration Contractors

Though it was possible for construction contractors to get by with traditional CRMs, that software was never really meant to address any of the challenges that are unique to the construction industry. With this in mind, our team at [firm-name] went out and developed a highly specific, cloud-based CRM that was created by contractors, for contractors.

If you would like to learn more about how our construction CRM for restoration contractors can streamline and coordinate the sales processes of your business, our team at [firm-name] would be happy to speak with you about any aspect of our software directly.

Construction CRM Designed for Restoration Contractors

Our construction CRM for contractors is designed to do everything that traditional CRM software was never quite able to do for our industry. That being said, our software will streamline and coordinate your sales process so that it will be easier for you to achieve the following:

  • Accurately predict the revenue your sales team will bring in
  • Improve your business’s bottom line
  • Train and guide your sales team

By allowing you to quickly see a snapshot of exactly where your business stands, [firm-name] will provide you with the resources you need to make the decisions necessary to keep your business healthy.

Ask about Our CRM for Restoration Contractors

If you would like to learn more about what our construction CRM can do for your business, our team at [firm-name] would be happy to discuss any aspect of our software with you in greater detail. To reach out to a member of our team, please call our offices at [phone-number] today or schedule a demo today!

What Our Clients Say

Best Roofing

" I tried looking into other tools and there isn’t anything on the market for sales like this one. Followup CRM is very robust in its reporting. We like how you can track who’ve you’ve bid to on a project and manage those clients individually. It’s been a great software tool for us. "

What is My Investment?

How much is a undisciplined sales team costing you? How many potential clients are falling through the cracks because you are trying to manage your opportunities with a blindfold on? Are you compromising your margins because you are a "bid and beg" organization? Not having a Construction CRM and a proven methodology may already be costing you a great deal.

One Simple Price

*48 hours needed for database creation*

  • Cloud CRM
    $55 /user/month
    • CRM
    • No Setup fee
    • Virtual CRM Training
    • Service and Support
    • Sales Training add-on available $15- per user

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